Let it indigo

The backlog of posts we never got to feels endless. Even through a year without an update, the backlog remained in, well, the back of my mind. From from trips we took in 2015 to casual weekends around our Atlanta neighborhoods, the list of blog posts that never were felt like another to-do I’d never manage to clear out.

Work, climbing, and personal learning, projects, including this one, and pursuits, I’ve honestly just felt overwhelmed by the number of things I want to accomplish and the lack of hours in each day.

Let it go.

The words we’re all familiar with, yet if you’re like me, you might brush them off when you need them most.

With each year that goes by, we feel our priorities shifting. “It’s okay,” we remind ourselves.

“It’s okay,” I remind myself.


Lauren Winter

Wraparound tank in navy linen

Let it indigo — inspirely

In other news, my sweet friend Belinda from Candidly B and I enjoyed a nice dinner and drinks not too long ago. While maintaining a blog is far from the top of my current pursuits, she encouraged me to revisit the space.

But this isn’t a return. This is me on a whim.



A little over a month ago, Lauren Winter’s marketing team reached out for feedback on a previous purchase. Working in design and tech, I can empathize with the amount of effort that goes into this process. I often respond to surveys that hit my inbox, but I rarely go out of my way to write a review. The voice behind the email and personalized touches were so human; however, that I took the time to really think through my response.

I have the Lauren Winter wraparound tank in navy linen and I absolutely love it. Admittedly, it’s not an item I wear day-to-day ...

That said, the wraparound tank is definitely an item I’d consider a closet sleeper . Those evenings out — whether on a date or gathering with friends — and I have no idea what to wear, I always find myself reaching for this top. It’s extremely versatile so I don’t feel over or under dressed for most occasions.

While autumn is definitely upon us, I managed to sneak a handful more wears of this lovely linen top before bidding it farewell for the season.

Thank you, Lauren Winter for your missions in sustainability and tasteful approach to acquiring customer feedback.

Let it indigo — inspirely

On Elysia

Lauren Winter wraparound tank in navy linen
Aritzia Babaton blouse
Topshop Jamie jeans
Crafts and Love Azul necklace
Neva Opet Marina circle bag
Topshop Holiday cross strap sandals

Styled by Elysia.
Photos by Ally (@ayesirally).


 Lauren Winter wraparound tank in navy linen Neva Opet Marina circle bag
 Lauren Winter wraparound tank in navy linen Crafts and Love Azul necklace Neva Opet Marina circle bag Misa jewelry mini beak ring