It's often said that opposites attract, and it's true. Adding contrast is an easy way to add interest to a simple look. Muted tones can really bring down the harshness of plain black and white. A delicate piece of jewelry gives a touch of femininity to any unadorned outfit. Similarly, loose-fitting jackets and capes can add a layer of spontaneity to skin-tight pieces. A little trick I often do with oversized shirts is to button the shirt once behind my back. This provides the teeny bit of structure you need to expose the outfit inside without looking like you're being eaten up by a giant tunic. 

— Ally


Sam & Lavi tunic, Groceries Apparel crop top, MOTHER ankle jeansdouble ring necklace

Photography by Ally @ayesirally.


Ally Hwang is a designer and creative based in Atlanta, GA.