Like most amateur photographers, my picture-taking skills fare better on cloudy days and during magic hour. But sadly, with us having missed Saturday morning's window of glorious light, we found ourselves squatting in the park praying for better weather. With the blazing hot sun drawing beads of sweat from our foreheads, we truly felt like our patience and determination were being tested as we anxiously waited for ominous rain clouds ahead to roll in. 

On this specific day, it seemed that the sun and clouds were toying with us. When we couldn't stand the humidity any longer, we would hop in the car to head out. And yet, whenever we backed out of the lot, we would see the wind pick up and the sun hide behind the most giant, fluffy clouds. So, we would hastily pull right back into the park to try and snipe a few shots before the overcast passed again.

The fleeting weather we experienced is similar to how we often feel with fashion. Things that we were into before, sometimes disappear, only to come back to disappear again. And if you love trends, you find yourself either as an incessant shopper or hoarder. I would consider myself as an exorbitant second-hand hoarder. Although you'll rarely find me wearing florals and pinks, I admire pieces with loud personality. So when Elysia found this skirt buried in a moving box, we knew we had to showcase its exuberant colors and summer style in a lush setting. Hence, this is how we found ourselves at Taylor-Brawner park in 90-degree weather and 100% humidity on a Saturday morning.

But hey, we're sharing pictures today, aren't we? Take that, waffling weather!

— Ally


ASOS white crop, H&M floral skirt, H&M satchel crossbody, TOMS sunglasses, Alfani strappy brown sandals

Styled by Ally and Elysia.
Photography by Ally @ayesirally.


Ally Hwang is a designer and creative based in Atlanta, GA.