Hello, World!

Dear Inspirely.me readers,

We hope you don't mind changes. The truth is, in the last year that Inspirely.me has been live, we've grown as women, content curators, and consumers.

As you may know, Inspirely.me started out as a personal style blog in 2014. Since, we have learned a lot about ourselves in the way we think, the way we dress, and the way we shop. Although our personal style and tastes haven't changed very much, we've become more aware of the impact of design and product consumption in our everyday lives. More specifically, we understand the importance of sustainable design and consumption. 

This is why we, Ally and Elysia, are kicking off our relaunch of Inspirely.me by participating in the #87daysofvintage challenge. Between Ally's birthday in June to Elysia's birthday in September, we'll be only opening up our pocketbooks to shop secondhand (with the exception of buying underwear *wink*). All outfit posts will feature either vintage, consignment, or old pieces we already own.

We encourage you to join us in our #87daysofvintage endeavor, and share with us your favorite vintage looks and finds. Regardless, we hope you'll find inspiration from our newly curated collection of handcrafted goods, vintage finds, beautiful interfaces, and must-have staple items.

Ally and Elysia
Co-founders, Inspirely


Ally Hwang is a designer and creative based in Atlanta, GA.