Lace In Point

In Atlanta, we take our brunch pretty seriously. I think it’s rare that I’ve been to Sunday brunch without having to wait forever and a day to be seated. When we visited Buttermilk Kitchen, I expected nothing less than an excruciatingly long wait, and when we arrived, the line was out the door. Given the less than optimal weather, light drizzling and relatively cool temperatures, I was glad that I’d opted not to wear a sundress.

Normally when I think of brunch, I imagine the beautiful floral sundresses and light, flowy skirts of spring. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t quite permitting just yet. Not to be defeated, I settled on a sparkly, beaded top and a lace clutch to achieve a comparable effect. Finally, I topped off with a light, military-inspired jacket for an element of city chic. (Sorry for wrinkles. I may at times be a lazy bum.)

How do you do Sunday brunch?

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On Me

Abercrombie & Fitch old Kali Shine Tank (XS / White)
LOFT Cotton Twill Military Jacket (XXS P / Plumtree)
DSTLD Mid Rise Second Skinny Legging (23 / Forever Black)
Argento Vivo Studded Bar Necklace
Crafts and Love Sam
Halogen Kayla Pointy Toe Flat (4.5 M)
Nila Anthony Lace Cluth

Photos by Ally.



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