Weekend Snapshots // New, New, and New

One of my favorite type of weekends are those spent discovering something or somewhere new.

My Crafts and Love haul.

To start off my weekend, my first purchase from Crafts and Love arrived. I’ve been coveting a number of pieces since discovering the Atlanta-based jewelry designer, and unsuccessful in making the trip to the boutiques carrying the designs, I caved and purchased online.

Each piece that arrived was packaged in a little cardboard box with a colorful ribbon tied around it. From the packaging to the handwritten message from owner Courtney, the care and love put into each piece was immediately noticeable. While my lighting was not conducive to taking more photos of the jewelry, I’ve worn them everyday since receiving them, and they will surely make it onto the blog before long.

After a friend reminded me of the newly opened Southbound in Chamblee, the boyfriend and I made a trip over. I ordered a kale salad (my weakness), while Dan ordered the short-rib hash. Unlike Ally, I’m really not much of a food reviewer. I did, however, love the rustic decor and the mismatched vintage light bulbs.



5394 Peachtree Rd
Chamblee, GA 30341

Finally, we attended the Warby Parker opening in Buckhead. I’ve been following them for some time now so I was extremely excited about this! Although there is a showroom in Nashville, this store is the first retail location for Warby Parker in the southeast. I’ve ordered a few home try-ons in the past but was never able to settle on a frame. Having all of their frames available at once made comparisons much easier. I was also able to try a number of the limited edition frames that weren’t available for home try-ons online.

The new Warby Parker storefront. 

The Marple from the Karlie Kloss collaboration.

A friend of mine has been trying to convince me to buy the Marple from the Karlie Kloss collaboration, although I couldn’t commit without trying them on. I ended up liking the Clara from the same collection much more.

My top picks for eyeglasses at this time are the Greenleaf, the Ainsworth, and the Watts. The Greenleaf and Ainsworth were both pairs I had not previously considered. While I had thought the Ainsworth in elderberry would be difficult to pull off with its two-toned design, the purple and green were a little more muted than they appeared online and were surprisingly flattering! My top picks for sunglasses are currently the Haskell, the Clara, and the Raglan.

The Watts in Sugar Maple.

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Warby Parker

262 Buckhead Ave
Suite C315
Atlanta, GA 30305