St. Lucia and Joywave at Terminal West

St. Lucia and Joywave at Terminal West

Since my twenties, I’ve discovered my love for live music. Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of seeing St. Lucia and Joywave at Terminal West. Although I’ve heard great things about Terminal West from my friend Sean, this was my first time at the venue.

Walking up to the box office to pick up tickets.

Inside of the venue.

I loved the venue immediately. The venue felt organized and pleasant with bars on either side and stairs leading up to the rooftop bar, which then to a balcony back inside the venue.

Featuring one of my favorite drinks as of late.

I wasn’t familiar with most of Joywave’s songs. Before the show, I’d really only ever heard ‘Tongues’ and ‘Dangerous,’ which featured them — neither of which stuck out enough for me to look them up. But the lead singer Daniel was undeniably good, and they have since won me over.

Joywave at Terminal West. As you may be able to tell, I have some minor issues with visibility.

By the time St. Lucia took the stage, the front of the stage grew too crowded, and my visibility went from bad to worse. We ultimately gave up our spot in hopes of finding one that would give me a little clearer a view (sadly, this occurred to Jean-Philip serenading me with ”I’ve got a feeling we will never get closer than this”). We wound up pretty far back but were still able to enjoy the show. St. Lucia was as amazing as expected; on a side note, Patti may be my new girl crush.

St. Lucia at Terminal West. Okay, so maybe we moved significantly further back from the stage.

Band tees will be band tees. This one caught my eye immediately.

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